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DragonBall Role Playing Game

Dragon Ball Z and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI Animation. ©2003 Bird Studio/Shueisha, TOEI Animation. ®2003 FUNimation Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Welcome to the Unofficial DragonBall Role Playing Game!
...an on-line adventure where you get a chance to prove your training skills. To get started, click on the Log In link above or Sign up (free!) and get your account right away! Then you will be able to either fight a computer opponent, challenge another member, or explore the wilderness to find other fighters! You can win zenni by beating other fighters in order to buy supplies, and much more...

Current MMORPG Version: 2.1b
v1.0 Release Date: 09.29.02

Game News or Updates
· Fixed a few minor coding errors and added 25 new characters and/or costume changes to choose from.

· Moved RPG to new domain and added new password authentication scripts.

Bug Fixes:
· Fixed eregi error in the chat.
· Fixed the bug that let people use an exterior form in order to obtain A.O.Cs. or N.P.Cs.
- Trigunflame

· Fixed minor bug with members online display.
· Added the show/hide other players feature.
I'm now working on trying to figure out a possible new power level system. - fRaNk

I'm running a bit behind on schedule, i'm starting to feel like the guys making Halo 2 for the X-Box :( Anywho, for now just added a link in the "You are not a Beta Tester" so all of you who asked me a question regarding that can see my answer. -fRaNk

· Multiplayer Monster Attacks have been added. What is that? Well a random creature will appear but a battle screen won't come up, he/she will be in the map where you walk and any one can kill it.
· TrigunFlame added a Chat On/Off link to disable or enable the chat and an Announcement feature for admins.
I'm now working on Clans and Arena Bugs. - fRaNk

· Reduced the ratio of an enemy appearing so more random battles can occur.
· Fixed a minor bug with the View all sectors link
· Fixed another minor bug that rarely occurred; if someone tried to post a message and a random battle would come about, then the message would be overwritten and the battle would commense.
I'm stil working on the Multiplayer Monster Attacks which will hopefully be up later today or tomorrow. - fRaNk

· Added censor filter for chat, may add smileys later, we'll have to see.
· Update: Improved the censor some more, it was 2 specific therefor limiting even normal chat, so i laxed it. Also added a random replace for it in the string, so it will pick a random word to use instead..heh, I guess i just had to add spice. Oddly enough I couldn't figure out how that would even possible at first because rand() is for numbers...then I couldnt get real variables outputted like $whatever it would be inside a text string..so it hit me..just use $$whatever...and it worked...lol...
· More added later tonight...
Peace... - Trigunflame

· Added new sprites of Tien, Bardock, Turles, Bebi Vegeta, Dende, Yamcha, Krillin, Goku and Vegeta.
· Just finished and added the trading post so go test it out by clicking the far left building in the Kame House sector.
The next update from me should consist of arena bug fixes and the Multiplayer Attacks.
Well that's it for now... -fRaNk

· Added string check, to make sure no 1,2 char post are made.
· Also added flood check feature, that allows 1 post every 10 sec, so that the chat will not be spammed easily.
· And.. for the mods/admins I added a str replace for them to have bold/color change without using extra queries.
Peace out... -Trigunflame

· Tien now has an alternate costume selection.
· Removed the "Click here to find" link when viewing your own profile.
Well that's it for now... -fRaNk

· Super Android 13 sprite added to the character selection.
· Many bugs were fixed since the beta testing began again and a few more are still to be fixed/found. I made the hospital nurse tell you when you are already healed and try to heal again (saves us a query). Random Items and Random Battles will no longer appear if you continuously just hit the refresh button on the Navigational Compass. One last thing, when you fight the computer or Jebus and both of you get knocked out; you will no longer win the match by default! You will both be given a virtual loss (not displayed in your account info) and the outcome is "Draw."
· Admin Control Panel updated!
· The Healing Potions, Armor Vests and Senzu Beans cheat will no longer work when fighting computer opponents or Jebus.
Here's a brief run-down of what's to come:
· Multiplayer Attacks, this little feature will enable players to fight against one monster, dinosaur, or other cpu opponents together. As many as it takes to knock out the challenge.
· Defence, Strength and Speed will soon be a factor in how your power level is set-up.
· Power-Ups? Yup, we'll be adding a nice little feature for that soon.
· Clans? I'm still thinking about this one but it was suggested if players would be allowed to form groups with other players. I'm also considering if I should allow custom characters for players, although it would be nice to see what some people will come up with I preffer it to be strictly Dragon Ball.
Well that's it for now... -fRaNk

Added armor item, when used in battle, it reduces their attack damage on you in half until you have been hit twice. It costs 200 Zenie.
Added something so you cant get healed without going to the hospital first. -Deano

Fixed Jebus bug, so now you can't learn Dragon Fist more than once.
Now if you try to buy an item you can't afford, you don't lose your money. -Deano

I added 7 screenshots of me in gameplay, enjoy! (the link is above next to Report bugs/suggestions) -MechGoku

Congrats to the members who were chosen as alpha/beta testers! Don't worry if you didn't get picked I'll be holding more openings at a later date. Notice to the testers, I haven't test ran any of the scripts yet so you might encounter some errors such as missing page references. -fRaNk

It's been 2 months since the closing of our RPG and not much work has been put into fixing all the errors so i'll be opening it up again for alpha testing once more. Once I finish setting up and changing the pages to point to the new database I will post on DBGTN's frontpage asking for a couple game testers. This will be the homepage to the RPG of course and will include screenshots and some developer notes on how the progress is going. -fRaNk

ImPerfect Cell character added, enjoy! -MechGoku

Perfect Cell character added, enjoy! -MechGoku

Found a few more bugs than I expected :/ i'll be working on them as soon as I get off from school. So far known bugs: Jebus Attacks, Arena; Money dissapearing. I've restored old version of the pages so they should work fine but won't be able to use new attacks. -fRaNk
UPDATE: Bugs fixed; (1)Jebus (2) PL not exceeding lvl 11 (3) Hospital not Healing (4) Attacks enabled during CPU Battle (5) No multiple battles (6) A few cheats stoped, few more to be stopped soon. Accounts of people who used the Jebus cheat will be reset I know who you people are. -fRaNk

Welcome to the grand opening of the DBGTNetwork's Online Multiplayer RPG. It felt like a long month since I began to program this wonderful game but I finally managed to finish the version 1.0 game. If you're a member of DBGTN.com you don't need to sign up again, just log in. If you're not a DBGTN.com member sign up for free! If you have a question go to and read the Help area, if you still have a question not mentioned on the help section post it on the mini board or email me at: webmaster@dbgtn.com
Have fun, enjoy the rest of your day and don't forget to report bugs or suggest characters. -fRaNk :)

Added a few maps including Planet Namek now total: 15 sectors. Jebus now teaches more than one technique and the main sector (where kame house is at) is now a safe haven. No random battles should appear there. Also updated the arena and the A.I. battle system with the new attacks. I just need to add one more map and we're set! -fRaNk

1 new character added, Gohan SS2. I'll be starting on Cell's forms next. -MechGoku

Added learned attacks to the battle system. Thanks Deano for fixing my Jebus battle bug :D Sector 5 updated -fRaNk

Training center added now called Techniques Dojo(Jebus Master sprite by MechGoku). Many bugs fixed. -fRaNk
Added two more characters: Master Tsuru and Grandpa Gohan. -MechGoku
If you have started typing in the message box the page will not refresh. Added buy item page, although items need to be added to the shop. -Deano

Item System added in multiplayer battle. New Power Level and Experience system. Just need to add the training centers for people to learn attacks. -fRaNk

Players now win $50.00 zenni when you win a battle with a live player and $20.00 zenni a A.I. fighter. Added a refresh link on the arena so you don't have to wait for the auto reload. Netscape alignment errors are all fixed, arena bugs fixed as well. Item system now added, can be used during A.I. battles. -fRaNk

The multiplayer battle system is now done! Everyone test it and report all errors. -fRaNk

Added rpg chat, beware of bugs! -Deano
Did minor code updates, multiplayer battle system 90% done! Please follow the red warnings in the arena, only players allowed to be there are: Deano, Shadow, MechGoku, DBGTNoCOM, Testing. -fRaNk

Many bug fixes sorted, minor code updates. Use of items removed temporarily. -fRaNk

General store added, use of items is now available. -fRaNk

Two new sectors added. Location #4 added as well. -fRaNk

Got most minor bugs fixed, found new one: Netscape display off on div layers. -fRaNk

Sorry for delaying work, was on family vacation. Multi-Player Battle system nearly finished -fRaNk
Added 15 more characters/alternate costumes to the fighter selection. -MechGoku

Added the tournament arena to sector 3. Multi-Player Battle system begins. -fRaNk

Added 6 new characters/alternate costumes to the fighter selection. -MechGoku
Added sectors two and three. Started on General Store. -fRaNk

Added 2 new characters/alternate costumes to the fighter selection. -MechGoku

Added 16 new characters/alternate costumes to the fighter selection. -MechGoku

Added the Ariticial Intelligence battle system. -fRaNk

Testing begins on basic sign up, login, members online, scripts. -fRaNk

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Known Bugs/Cheats
· Bug: Arena - Various errors. Not playable.
· Bug: EXP being granted mid battle. - FIXED
· Bug: Adding items to trade isn't 100% stable but working.
· Bug: Players incorrectly appearing in buildings. - FIXED
· Bug: Find player feature not accurate. - FIXED
· Bug: Armor Vests not breaking correctly. - FIXED

· Cheat: Players in arena can attack unlimited times at once.
· Bug: On item pick-up and invalid item warning appears. - FIXED