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DragonBall Role Playing Game

Dragon Ball Z and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of TOEI Animation. ©2003 Bird Studio/Shueisha, TOEI Animation. ®2003 FUNimation Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Welcome to the Unofficial DragonBall Role Playing Game!
...an on-line adventure where you get a chance to prove your training skills. To get started, click on the Log In link above or Sign up (free!) and get your account right away! Then you will be able to either fight a computer opponent, challenge another member, or explore the wilderness to find other fighters! You can win zenni by beating other fighters in order to buy supplies, and much more...

Current MMORPG Version: 2.1b
v1.0 Release Date: 09.29.02

Game News or Updates
· Fixed a few minor coding errors and added 25 new characters and/or costume changes to choose from.

· Moved RPG to new domain and added new password authentication scripts.

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Known Bugs/Cheats
· Bug: Arena - Various errors. Not playable.
· Bug: EXP being granted mid battle. - FIXED
· Bug: Adding items to trade isn't 100% stable but working.
· Bug: Players incorrectly appearing in buildings. - FIXED
· Bug: Find player feature not accurate. - FIXED
· Bug: Armor Vests not breaking correctly. - FIXED

· Cheat: Players in arena can attack unlimited times at once.
· Bug: On item pick-up and invalid item warning appears. - FIXED