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The Guide to the Characters of Dragon Ball


Android 8:

Intended to be the Red Ribbon Army’s most powerful weapon, Android Number 8 was designed to instill terror in the hearts of his opponents. But the Army’s greatest technological success proved to be a dismal failure, for in his metallic chest beats a heart of gold. Number 8 despises violence! As a result, he refuses to do the Red Ribbon Army’s evil bidding.



Akkuman looks somewhat like a devil, he is the fourth fighter of Uranai Baba. Akkuman had a technique that could easily have killed Goku, it required his opponent to have some evil within him so that he could blow them up. Fortunately, Goku didn't have any evil within him and his technique didn't work. He is then defeated by Goku.



One of the eight finalists in the World Martial Arts Tournament, Bacterian is an enormous and powerful fighter. But Bacterian’s most powerful weapon has nothing to do with his incredible strength - it’s his odor! Bacterian has never taken a bath in his whole life! As such, he is perhaps the smelliest person alive. Bacterian uses this to his advantage. He waits for his opponent to grab their nose, then he attacks!



Bora is an Indian American who lives at the foot of Korin's tower. He is there to prevent anyone from damaging Korin's sacred land and lives with his son, Upa. He is killed by Mercenary Tao but later revived thanks to the Dragon Balls.



Bulma is one of the most independent and determined teenagers around. She’ll do whatever it takes to get what she wants and she won’t let anything stand in her way not mountains, not monsters, not even pride.


Captain Yellow:

Captain Yellow is a tiger who is under the control of the Red Ribbon Army. He is in charge of retrieving the Dragon Ball that was inside the volcano. He is last seen in his plane that Goku blows up with his power pole.



Chi-Chi is a cute little girl: The only one with a heart pure enough to ride on the Nimbus Cloud with Goku.


Colonel Silver:

One of the most ruthless officers of the Red Ribbon Army, Colonel Silver commands an elite regiment of troops whose main objective is to collect the Dragon Balls at any cost. Silver will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and he has the strength to dispatch anyone foolish enough to stand in his way.



Cymbol is the second creature created by Piccolo Daimao. He is ordered to retrieve the Dragon Balls, when he detects Goku's Dragon Ball he sets out to get them. He is then cooked and eaten by a very hungry Yajirobe.


Dr. Brief:

One of the smartest and perhaps richest men in the world, Dr. Brief is the president of Capsule Corporation and the man responsible for the invention of the Dyno Cap. Dr. Brief rarely leaves his home, and he can often be found tinkering on a number of complicated gadgets while surrounded by his beloved pets. As Bulma’s father, there is little doubt that his knack for hi-tech wizardry has passed on to his daughter.


Dr. Flappe:

The great inventor Dr. Flappe resides on the outskirts of Suno’s village. He lives on an isolated mountaintop in order to conduct his scientific experiments undisturbed. Suno, Goku, and Android Number 8 pay a visit to the Doctor hoping that his expertise will help Number 8. Dr. Flappe greets his visitors warmly, but his hospitality may conceal darker intentions.


Emperor Pilaf:

The Emperor is an insufferable, power hungry dolt whose consuming desire is to rule the entire world. But outside of ambition, he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. In fact, the only thing that can be said for him is that he’s a largely incompetent, yet somehow succeeds in spite of himself.


General Blue:

Perhaps the strictest officer of the Red Ribbon Army, General Blue expects nothing less than perfection. His men have learned not to deliver anything else. Blue has been known to send a man to the stockades and sometimes worse for even the most seemingly minor of offences, like keeping an untidy workstation. Under his tight rule, Blue’s forces search the depths of the ocean for one of the missing Dragon Balls. Given Blue’s track record, there is little doubt that he will succeed in finding his prize. The only question is when.


General White:

The leader of the Red Ribbon Army’s northern forces, General White leads his men on an exhaustive search for one of the seven magic Dragon Balls. In order to cover more territory, he forces the citizens of a nearby village to assist him in his quest. To ensure the village’s loyalty, White has kidnapped the Village Chief and now holds him hostage atop the heavily fortified Muscle Tower.



One of the eight finalists in the World Martial Arts Tournament, the Monster Beast Giran has a reputation as one of the more dangerous fighters in the world. Ruthless and hard-of-heart, Giran is always eager for a fight, and enjoys pounding anyone foolish enough to challenge him. This enormous dinosaur-like creature is able to fly using his powerful wings. He also spits out a strange gooey substance he calls his Merry-go-round Gum, which he uses to trap his opponents. Once an adversary is bound by this rubbery substance, he is unable to break free. When he’s not fighting, Giran has a voracious appetite and enjoys washing down his considerable meals with a few cold glasses of milk.



Taught martial arts by his late adoptive grandfather, Gohan, who raised him out in the wilderness. Goku is extremely strong, agile, and virtually fearless. He’ll take on any fight no matter what the odds are if he thinks that someone has been wronged. And he’ll usually win. That’s because Goku is not just your typical eight-year-old. He sports a tail, is able to fly short distances, and carries a magic fighting stick that stretches to incredible lengths.


Grandpa Gohan:

Was once one of the best martial artists in the world, Grandpa Gohan was trained by Master Roshi. He was almost as good as Master Roshi; after Gohan found Goku, he became Goku's first martial arts teacher. Although he is accidentally killed by Goku, he appears in the series a couple of times.



A master thief who is occasionally employed by the Red Ribbon Army. Hasky has made a career out of doing the impossible. After she accepts a job, her abilities are such that not even the tightest security can stop her from making off with her prize. Once more, she has accepted a lucrative, lofty assignment from Commander Red: steal the Dragon Balls and get rid of Goku!


Invisible Man:

The Invisible Man is the second fighter of Uranai Baba's gang. The only ability he has is his invisibility, because of this, he always wins against opponents. While fighting against Yamcha, Krillin pulls Bulma's top off which makes Master Roshi's nose bleed (does this every time he sees nudity). The blood then flies onto the Invisible Man, Yamcha is now able to see him and is able to defeat him.


Jackie Chun:

Jackie Chun is actually Master Roshi in disguise. He removes his sunglasses, puts on a gray-haired wig and sprays some cologne on. He entered the tournament to teach Goku and Krillin that this tournament is not just for winning and that there is much more they need to learn. Yamcha is the first to mention that Jackie Chun is Master Roshi because of his actions towards women and Krillin's attack. Namu wanting to repay Master Roshi for his kindness of the water capsule, dresses up as Master Roshi and cheers Goku on in the crowd. Everyone is then convinced Jackie Chun is not Master Roshi. After a long fight with Goku, Jackie Chun wins the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.


King Gurumesu:

King Gurumesu appears in the Dragon Ball Movie #1. He finds out that there are Blood Rubies in his land, so he and his army spend all of their time looking for them. While looking for the Blood Rubies he gets an insatiable hunger which causes him to grow into a huge purple beast. When he has 5 Dragon Balls he thinks of wishing for plenty of great food, unfortunately for him, he is stopped by Goku. After all of this fiasco he discovers that apples were good enough to feed his craving.



Krillin is a young monk boy, like Goku, who comes into the action when he arrives to study martial arts under Master Roshi.



On one hand, Launch is nice, sweet, friendly, innocent, unassuming young woman, but then she sneezes, and becomes a tough, fiery, uncontrollable combative warrior.



Lucifer is the main villain in the Dragon Ball Movie 2. He is a vampire-like demon who plots to destroy the sun to create a world of absolute darkness and eventually take over the world with his army of demons. To do this he uses a laser cannon that is powered by the full moon's light thanks to the Sleeping Princess (a large diamond). As soon as the laser is in place Goku shoots a Kamehameha at it which causes it to turn around and right into Lucifer. He is instantly killed by the laser blast thus ruining his plans for world domination.



Mai is the Emperor Pilaf's right-hand woman, and the only one who he really trusts to carry out his bidding. She’s beautiful, calculating, and a formidable opponent.


Major Metallitron:

The hulking Major Metallitron guards the second floor of General White’s Muscle Tower. Few opponents have been able to contend with his enormous size and strength. Formidable as he appears, beneath the Major’s towering frame is much more than meets the eye.

Master Roshi:

An ancient and wise master of martial arts, Master Roshi has accumulated great power and knowledge. He is very old, completely bald, has a long, white beard, and hermit-like tendencies.


Monster Carrot:

Monster Carrot is the leader of a gang of ruffians known as the Rabbits. This gang terrorizes the local villages, using fear and violence to get what they want from the helpless citizens. And if anyone tries to stand in their way - Monster Carrot puts them in their place by using his special technique. With but the slightest touch, Monster Carrot has the power to turn anyone into a carrot!



Nam comes from a poor farming village that has been stricken by drought. Nam enters the World Martial Arts Tournament in hopes of saving his people, who desperately need money to buy enough water to irrigate their failing crops. Thus, he is determined to win the prize of 500,000 zeni so that he can ease his people’s suffering. Nam is a brave and honorable warrior, and although he is well-versed in the fighting arts, it is against his personal code to cause harm to any living thing without just cause. But should that cause arise, Nam possesses an arsenal of devastating fighting moves, the most fearsome of which is his Aerial Attack.


Ninja Murasaki:

Known as The Messenger of Death, only a small number of challengers have laid eyes on Ninja Murasaki and lived to tell the tale. He moves in shadow, and strikes without warning. As the third floor guard of Muscle Tower, he poses a deadly threat to any intruder wishing to reach the top.



Oolong becomes an integral member of the team of good guys. After a rocky beginning terrorizing a small village, he joins the group in their quest for the Dragon Balls.



Ox-King is a huge, muscular hulk. He’s larger than Goku and all his friends put together. And his strength matches his incredible size.

Piccolo Daimao:

Piccolo Daimao is purely evil; he is the bad half of the Earth caretaker, Kami. He was released from a jar by Emperor Pilaf in order to get the Dragon Balls and to kill Goku. Once he and Pilaf found the Dragon Balls, Piccolo Daimao double-crossed him by wishing for his youth. Master Roshi died trying to seal him back in the denshi jar with the Mafuba technique. Tien had also tried to do this technique but it wasn't possible without the jar that was destroyed. Piccolo Daimao was about to kill Tien, but thanks to Goku, Piccolo Daimao only met his own death. Before dying he shoots an egg out of him, which is the Piccolo we all know of today.



Puar is a talking blue cat who is fiercely loyal to Yamcha, and will do anything for him. A quiet, shy, proper type, she went to shape-shifting school with Oolong.



The beautiful Ranfan is the only woman to advance beyond the Elimination Round of the World Martial Arts Tournament. She packs a mean punch and a powerful kick and uses her feminine wiles to throw her easily distracted male competitors off their guard.



Earth's Dragon Shenron can be summoned when all seven of the Dragon Balls are collected. When he is summoned the summoner can make a single wish, and Shenron will grant it.


Shu is a bumbling, furry ball of comic relief. He hasn’t carried out a successful mission yet, but Pilaf keeps him around so that he’s not surrounded by anyone too competent to overthrow him. A warrior and thief by trade, he is boastful when on top and a chicken when at risk.


Staff Officer Black:

Staff Officer Black is the second highest ranking official of the Red Ribbon Army and the most trusted advisor of Supreme Commander Red. An imposing figure, his presence often strikes fear into the heart of his subordinates. Staff Officer Black displays an unwavering loyalty to his leader, but beneath this mask of subservience lurks a darker personal agenda.


After Goku crash-lands in the wintry North, the kind-hearted Suno rescues him from the harsh elements. Suno lives with her mother and father in a quiet village that recently has been threatened by the brute forces of the Red Ribbon Army. Her only wish is for the Red Ribbon Soldiers to let her family live in peace.


Supreme Commander Red:

The mastermind behind the Red Ribbon Army, Supreme Commander Red rules his men with an iron fist. Failure is not tolerated in his organization, and any soldier who delivers less than complete success is immediately removed. Commander Red is notorious for his cruelty, and despite his rather diminutive stature, his men have a tendency to cower in his presence. Red has only one driving desire, but in order to realize this desire he must first collect all seven Dragon Balls. To this end, his forces have been deployed all over the world, with orders to take the Dragon Balls by any means necessary.



Tsurusennin is Tien and Chiaotzu's teacher, he is also the brother of Tao Pai Pai. Tsurusennin didn't exactly fight for the good and Tien found out about it so he left the school along with Chiaotzu. Master Roshi blew Tsurusennin away with a Kamehameha because he had tried to attack his former students.



Master Roshi’s friend and long-time companion, the good-natured Turtle lives in the Kame House with the elderly hermit. Turtle’s calming wisdom often serves to keep Master Roshi in line during his moments of weakness.



Upa is a small Indian American boy who lives at the foot of Korin's tower. He lives with his father, he accompanies Goku in search of the last Dragon Ball who's wish will be used to revive his father who was killed by Mercenary Tao.


Uranai Baba:

Uranai Baba is first seen as a Fortune Teller, she is the sister of Master Roshi. Uranai Baba is always getting the latest news and gossip as she travels in the other world. She send goons to beat up Goku, but he defeats them all.

Village Chief:

The kind leader of Suno’s village, the Village Chief has become the hostage of General White. Unless his villagers uncover a Dragon Ball soon, he will meet a terrible fate at the hands of the General. Despite his dire situation, the Village Chief thinks only of his people, and would do anything, even sacrifice himself, to relieve them of their suffering at the hands of the Red Ribbon Army.


Yamcha is a powerful and feared, dark-haired warrior who can call upon the fearsome power of the Wolf-Fang Fist, a karate move he uses to help him vanquish his enemies.

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