Frequently Asked Questions

01) How can I contact the DBGTN.COM staff?

You can use email by going to the contact section or use our online Feedback Form.

02) What program(s) do you use to make your layout, banners, buttons, gfx, e.t.c.?

I mainly use Adobe Photoshop 6.0, for animations I use Animation Shop 3.0 and for other images I use PaintShop Pro 7.

03) What program do you use to script your site?

I use regular Notepad for all programming, HTML, Javascript and PHP.

04) Can I link to your files?

No, unless it is indicated on the page itself. Leechers will be dealt with!

05) Can I use one/some of your files on my site?

No, you can't. With the exception of images, any image in the 'Image Gallery' can be used freely. Animation Cels can be taken if you are going to use them for graphics or just keep them on your computer. Posting any of our images on your site is an infringement of our copyright.

06) Can I affiliate with your site?

We're not accepting affiliates. Do not bother emailing me about it either, I personally choose who goes on our list. Usually friends of mine.

07) Can you buy me a domain?

No, I will not buy anyone a domain.

08) Can you host my site?

Nope, sorry, but if we could we probably would.

09) Can you make me a free graphic?

No, I am too busy working on my site and school.

10) Can you make a tutorial for layouts/graphics?

I and the staff are working on them. Check the tutorials section once in a while.

11) How come I get an error when I go to this page?

It will most likely be a broken link, email me where you saw this error.

12) How come I get an error when I click on this file?

It will most likely be a broken link, email me where you saw this error.

13) What if I saw this file on another site?

If you see people that have stolen my layout, graphics, or have linked my files, report them immediately. I will give you credit and if you have a site I may probably announce it in an update.

14) Will you join my RPG?

No, if I wanted to I would ask.

15) Will you Join my topsite?

No, I will signup myself. Just so you would know, I dislike voting topsites.

16) Where can I download any of the programs you use?

You can get the latest Animation Shop and Paint Shop Pro programs at Adobe Phothoshop 6 can be found at

17) Why didn't you reply to my email(s)?

We are very busy people, I skim through the emails. If I feel it doesn't need a respond then you won't get an answer back, but I do try to get everyone.

18) I sent you hate mail?!?!

All I can say is thanks! Most people get mad but I'm one of the nicest people out there, ask anyone that knows me. If you do send me hate mail please say what you don't like about my site and I'll gladly change it. :)

19) Can you join my Network?

Sorry but I don't join Networks. If you can't tell already our site is a network.

20) What's an animation cel?

Animation Cels (or celluloid) are paintings on a transparent plastic sheet used to create the animated episodes we watch on TV. Each animation cel is one "frame". They are filmed and then put behind one another to give the illusion of continuous motion.

21) How can I open a store with

You need to become an associate of them. By signing up you get 15% of the sales generated through your site. Best rates so far!

22) How can I link my website to your site?

There are two ways, one by a regular text link or two by a button/banner image. You can view all of our buttons and get the HTML for them in the Link Us section.

23) How long has your site been around?

We've been around for quite a while now, you can check all of our previous layouts and history in our Site's History section.

24) How is the word "Anime" pronounced?

The word "Anime" is pronounced ah-knee-may.

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