General Information: Dragon Ball F.A.Q.

- How do you spell ___'s name?

I'm not certain how you spell every character's name in every language but I do have an official english name list in the general information section.

- How is the version in the U.S. different from the original?

The U.S. version of Dragon Ball is greatly censored and cut, you can thank FUNimation for the mass editing. It's been edited as much as possible so 7 year olds can watch it on Cartoon Network, which greatly angered viewers who had seen the original uncut series. Roughly 19% on average is cut from every episode from seasons one and two; 53 American shows is the same as 65 of the Japanese version. Season three animation has remained pretty much untouched in the cut version, but the dialogue has been butchered significantly. And contrary to popular belief, there is no cussing at all in DB, DBZ, or DBGT. The fansubs tend to take liberties with the episodes and add a "fuck" and a "shit" when they feel it is necessary.

- Where can I get the DBZ Daizenshuus (World Guides)?

Currently, one of the few places on the internet that offers it is Anime Nation. If you live in a large metropolis are like New York City or Los Angeles, go to the China Town. If you do a little searching, you will find anime stores that will sell the books.

- How many episodes of DB /Z /GT are there?

In the Japanese(original) series there are...

153 episodes of Dragon Ball

291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z

64 episodes of Dragon Ball GT

- Is there another DB series besides Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT?

No. Nothing is in production, and nothing is planned. There is no Dragon Ball AF or Dragon Ball V. Most rumors of a new series come from fan manga(comics) drawn in Japan, otherwise known as "doujinshi". Generally, these comics are very well-drawn, and can easily be mistaken for Toriyama's work. However, they are fan-made, and are not considered a part of the DB universe.

- What do the 'Z' and 'GT' stand for?

I'll start with GT, It's an acronym for "Grand Tour". The beginning of GT involves a lot of traveling, so it's easy to see where it got its name. Z, on the other hand, stands for nothing. It's just a way to separate the series from Dragon Ball on television.

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