Information: Dragonball: Locations

The Guide to Locations in Dragon Ball


Sherman Priest's Village:

This is the home of the Sherman Priest, whose village is being terrorized by Oolong the Terrible. Goku and Bulma stop and help the village in order to get a Dragon Ball from one of the townspeople. Oolong the Terrible who took the village's girls was then exposed as Oolong the Faker.


Oolong's Palace:

This is the home of Oolong, he had to rip a lot of people off in order to get this beautiful house. In this home he kept his so called "victims", in fact they enjoyed all of the riches Oolong gave them. All he wanted was a girl who would clean his house.


Yamcha's Cavern:

This is the home of Yamcha and Puar. Here he keeps all of his stolen goods while Puar keeps a look out for any new possible victims to rip off. Although it doesn't look like much from the outside, it is full of expensive items.


Oolong's House Wagon:

This is another home of Oolong, he is forced to live(more like driving) here for a moment because of Goku and Bulma. This double-decker house wagon comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and upstairs bedroom. It is later blown up by Yamcha, and again by Emperor Pilaf's crew Shu and Agent Mai.


Fire Mountain:

This is a mountain that has been engulfed in flames, on top of it, is the home of the Ox-King. The mountain was set on fire to keep thieves away but it grew and Ox-King isn't able to come back into it. Unfortunately, it is destroyed by Master Roshi when he tries to put out the flames with a Kamehameha wave.


Monster Rabbit's Ex-Town:

This is a town who has been under the control of Monster Rabbit and his rabbit goons. Bulma, Goku, and Oolong come into the town to fill up on gas but get an unhappy welcome. Thanks to Goku and Yamcha, the town is no longer under the reign of this Monster Rabbit.


Red Ribbon Army Headquarters:

This is main facility of the Red Ribbon Army headed by Commander Red. Goku in seek of two Dragon Balls they posses, enters their base and destroys nearly everyone who stood in his way. The base is then abandoned by the cowardly soldiers and the rest were defeated by Goku.

Goku's House:

After his adoptive father passed on(Grandpa Gohan), Goku remained living and taking care of his home. In it he kept a Dragon Ball which he was very fond of, since to him it ways a way to communicate with Grandpa Gohan. He later leaves this house when he joins Bulma in their journey to gather the Dragon Balls.

Capsule #1 Home:

This house was a compact capsule from Bulma's capsule set. When she released it, Goku thought she was a witch for making things appear out of nowhere. The house is equipped with the latest in technology, Goku and Bulma spend the first night of their adventure here.

Emperor Pilaf's Castle:

This is the castle of the villain, Emperor Pilaf. Here he conjures up his evil plans to gather/steal the Dragon Balls which he will use to make his dream come true. Accompanied by his assistants, Agent Mai and Shu, Emperor Pilaf seeks world domination.

Kame House:

This is the home of the Turtle Master known as Master Roshi. Here he delights himself looking at videos and magazines of nude women, although a perverted old man he teaches Goku and Krillin how to master their strength and eventually teaching them the Kamehameha. His home as you can see is in a secluded island away from everywhere else.

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