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Dragon Ball Movie 01

Japanese: The Legend of Shenron

U.S. Dub: Curse of Blood Rubies

Original Release Date: December 20, 1986

A retelling of Goku's initial meeting with Bulma, Oolong, and Yamcha, this movie summarizes the beginning of the Dragonball series. Basically, they all go out looking for the dragonballs for various reasons, but a monster with an insatiable hunger is also searching for the dragonballs.

Dragon Ball Movie 02

Japanese: The Princess in Devil's Castle

U.S. Dub: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

Original Release Date: July 18, 1987

Learning who Master Roshi is, Goku seeks him out to receive training. However, when he arrives he runs into Krillin, who has also sought Master Roshi for a similar request. To earn the right to train, Master Roshi sends the two boys to a castle called Devil's Hand, where a sleeping princess lives. Whoever brings the princess back to Master Roshi will receive his training. But, there is more in the castle than just a princess.

Dragon Ball Movie 03

Japanese: Mysterious Adventures

U.S. Dub: Mystical Adventure

Original Release Date: July 9, 1988

Now that Goku and Krillin have completed their training under Master Roshi, they join the World Martial Arts Tournament to test their new skills. The young Emperor Chiaotzu is sponsoring the Tournament. Unfortunately, Chiaotzu's wife has been kidnapped and Chiaotzu's evil advisor suggests that the only way to get her back is to find the dragonballs. While Goku and Krillin compete, Bulma is also searching for the dragonballs herself.

Dragon Ball Movie 04

Japanese: 10th Anniversary Special: The Way to Become the Strongest

Original Release Date: March 4, 1996

This movie starts with a retelling of Goku's first meeting with Bulma, Oolong, and Yamcha, up to the point where Goku fights and destroys the Red Ribbon Army.

Dragon Ball Live Action Movie 01

U.S. Dub: Dragon Ball-The Magic Begins

Original Release Date: 1993

The story starts in a village somewhere in China that receives the one-star Dragon Pearl as a gift. The village is attacked by marauding aliens in search of the Dragon Pearls. (Anyone familiar with the series knows what will happen if all seven Dragon Pearls are found.) The leader of the aliens, Emperor Horn, takes the Dragon Pearl and disposes of the village's chief, whose daughter Jade escapes the carnage. Horn sends his top fighters, Malilia and Zebrata, after a Dragon Pearl somewhere in the east. Here is where we meet Sparkle and his adopted grandson Monkey Boy. While gathering dinner, Monkey Boy meets up with Seeto, a young girl whose quest for the Dragon Pearls brings her to the area. She spots Zebrata and Malilia heading towards Sparkle's home. They are too late when they arrive, as both Sparkle and his four-star Dragon Pearl are missing. From here they meet the cowardly Piggy, a shape-shifter with a thing for girls, the thief Westwood and his sidekick, a talking cockatoo called Miss Knowwhat (Westwood wants the Dragon Pearls so that he can wish away his fear of girls) ,and Turtle Man, the sex-crazed kung-fu master who owns the Magic Cloud later given to Monkey Boy. It all climaxes in a decisive battle for the Dragon Pearls in Jade's village.

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