Humor: You know you're DBZ mad when you...

  • ...Dye your hair yellow and try to take on Cell, Frieza, and the Ginyu Force all at once.
  • ...Make a movie and you jump off a building to pretend your flying and cut the rope to prove your Great Saiyaman.
  • ...Eat until you have beaten Goku's record. (don't try this it's not possible)
  • ...Go to your gym and throw basketballs at every one, yelling "BIG BANG BALL!".
  • ...Try to make a camera blow up while your mom is taking pictures to prove you're Piccolo.
  • ...Go to the local fitness center and challenge the bulkiest guy there but warn him you're Super Saiyan. If he says your hair is not yellow you say, "I'm on level 4! My hair stays black stupid!"
  • ...Have surgeons put flash lights in your arm and when you see the bully scare him off by pretending to do a Kamehameha wave.
  • ...Take ninja stars to school throwing them at everybody you hate, yelling "destructo disk!".
  • ...are on your daily paper route you wear a 50 pound turtle shell on your back.
  • ...Have a serious bug problem you meditate and try to zap em like Piccolo.
  • ...Dye your hair yellow, get some heavy orange work-out clothes with the Roshi sign on the back, and go on top of your house and jump of expecting to fly. - Submitted by Samten
  • ...constantly look for a tail on your backside.
  • ...repeatedly try to grow your own tree of might or senzubean. - Submitted by Joe231193
  • ...Start throwing cd's and yell destructo-disk!

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