Information: Dragonball Z: Saga Summaries

Saiyan Saga-

Raditz, Goku's brother comes to Earth and tells Goku that he is a Saiyan. Piccolo helps Goku defeat him. After Raditz's destruction, Nappa and Vegeta come to Earth to get the Dragon Balls while Goku trains under King Kai. Everyone else trains with Kami but dont have a chance against Nappa. Piccolo becomes friends with Gohan while they are training in the wild and sacrifices himself to save Gohan. Nappa is easly defeated by Goku and Vegeta tries going Were-Monkey to deafeat him. Yajirobe cuts off his tail. Then Krillin hits him with a spirit bomb and Gohan goes Were-Monkey. It stops him and he gets Yajirobe's sword. Vegeta gets to live and leaves.

Frieza Saga-

The Z-Team heads to Namek to wish the others back. Frieza and Vegeta want immortality. Frieza gets all the DBs but doesnt know the password. Vegeta steals them and the Ginyu Force gets them back. Goku arrives and defeats the Ginyu Force then they wish Piccolo back. Piccolo is doing good until Frieza transforms into his 3rd form. Vegeta thinks he is a SS and tries to defeat him in his fourth form resulting in his death. Frieza kills Vegeta and Krillin causing Goku to go SS (Super Saiyan) he easly defeats Frieza when he chops him self in half with his own Kienzan(Disco Destructo). Goku flys to another planet when Namek explodes. Then theres a little saga with Garlic Jr in it. Next King Cold (Frieza's father) puts Frieza back together. Future Trunks arives and slices him with his sword. King Kold is then easly defeated.

Cell Saga-

There are 4 androids #'s 16, 17, 18 and 19. Then Dr.Gero turns himself into android 20 but he creates 21 but is to late and his creations kill him. 21 escapes and is known as Cell. He absorbs peoples souls and then he absorbs some androids and becomes organic(he is then known as Perfect Cell). He holds a tournament and fights fair. He can use everyones moves since he has the DNA of Goku and others. Eveyone is defeated. He then crushes 16's head. Gohan gets mad and goes Super Saiyan 2 and beats Cell up.He is about to self destruct on the earth but Goku transports him to King Kai's and all of them are destroyed. When Cell is destroyed one brain cell survives and 10 Cell Jr's are made. Then Gohan destroys them. Mr. Satan (big woose) takes the credit.

Majin Buu Saga-

Babidi's (son of Bibidi) men get Majin Buu to return to earth. Vegeta becomes a slave of theirs so it will make him stronger but then decides to just stop trying to defeat Goku. Majin Buu has an evil and a good side the evil one eats the good one. They fight for a very long time and finaly Majin Buu is destroyed by the Z-Team. Ubuu apears when Majin Buu is destroyed, he is completely good and begins training with Goku.

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