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-Saiyan Saga

Episode #001: Arrival of Raditz

Episode Summary: This episode starts off with a Saiyan space pod entering the Earth's atmosphere. It then lands in a man's farm, as the farmer approaches the crash site a strong alien warrior named Raditz emerges from it. Raditz seeing the farmer realizes that his brother, Goku, has not killed off human life from this planet. He begins his search for his brother and finds him at the Kame House, he tells him that he needs to come back with him to unite with the only three remaining Saiyans to take over planets. Goku refuses, as a result Raditz kidnaps Gohan advising Goku to make a decision to side with him or not.

Episode #002: The World's Strongest Team

Episode Summary: Raditz now has Gohan at his grasp and tells Goku that the only way he'll get his son back is if he kills 100 people within 24 hours. Raditz flies off with Gohan, Goku refusing to kill any people tries to think of a way to attack Raditz. When all seems lost a possible chance of defeating Raditz is brought forth, Piccolo arrives. He tells Goku that the only way they can defeat him is with his help, they team up and head to the location where Raditz is thanks to Bulma's Dragon Ball radar. Raditz now at the crash site thinks his scouter is messed up when it detects that Gohan has a power level of 710. Piccolo and Goku arrive, the battle begins even though Raditz is outnumbered the odds are in his favor.

Episode #003: Gohan's Hidden Powers

Episode Summary: The battle continues between Goku, Piccolo, and Raditz. Piccolo now missing an arm has a new technique planned, all he needs is for Goku to buy some time to power up 5 minutes to be exact. As Piccolo charges for his technique, Goku attacks Raditz with all his might not having much luck he tries to do his Kamehameha attack on him. Raditz blocks Goku's attack and returns a blast that knocks him down, all this fighting made Raditz forget about Piccolo who has now finished charging his attack. Piccolo launches his beam cannon but Raditz is quick enough to dodge it. Raditz' target is now Piccolo as he goes to give him his attack Goku squeezes his tail and Raditz weakens, but Goku fell into Raditz lies and let's go of the tail thus causing Raditz to have the upperhand again. Gohan emerged from the crater with full power, he does a power level of 1370 headbutt that causes a lot of damage. As Raditz heads to kill Gohan, Goku grabs him off guard and is willing to sacrifice himself to Piccolo's now recharged attack.

Episode #004: Goku's Unusual Journey

Episode Summary: Piccolo finally finished charging for his special beam cannon attack, while Goku still holding Raditz, Piccolo fires away blasting through both fighters. Piccolo talks to Raditz about how Goku will return with the use of the Dragon Balls, not knowing that all he was saying was being transmitted to the other remaining Saiyans, Vegeta and Nappa. After hearing this, Vegeta?> and Nappa head for Earth and will arrive in a year's time. Bulma, Krillin, and Master Roshi arrive just in time to say good bye to Goku as he makes his last request, to take care of Gohan. As Goku dies his body dissapears, Piccolo explains that this is Kami's doing. Kami takes Goku to King Yemma to see if he is allowed to go with King Kai in order to train and help save Earth from danger. King Yemma agrees and sends an escort to take Goku to Snake Way, and Goku begins his journey. Piccolo on the other hand, takes Gohan to a secluded area where he will begin to train him.

Episode #005: Gohan's Metamorphosis

Episode Summary: Piccolo begins Gohan's training, the first step is to mearly survive. He flies off leaving Gohan to tend for himself, but Piccolo keeps a watchful eye from a far. Meanwhile, Goku is still traveling through Snake Way on his way to King Kai's planet in order to train under him. He decides to jump instead of running thinking he'd save some time but encounters a problem. While jumping he miscalculated his landing and was nearly falling to the bottom(Hell), but thanks to his quick thinking he managed to get back on the path. Krillin is the lucky one to tell Chi-Chi the bad news about her husband and son, but while arriving he chickens out and abandons them early in the morning. Arriving back at Kame House to reveal his cowardness a rude visitor comes along, Yajirobe, bringing a message. Kami had sent Yajirobe to tell the Z Warriors to go to Korin's Tower for special training and to bring Yamcha along. Shortly after leaving, Chi-Chi and the Ox-King arrive, Master Roshi tells them the bad news. Scene cuts to Gohan who is bearly waking up only to see the full moon, he transforms into Oozaru and fairly soon begins to create havoc. Piccolo has no choice but to destroy the moon, as a precaution removes Gohan's tail.

Episode #006: Gohan Makes A Friend

Episode Summary: Gohan awakens to find himself at the foot of where the mountain once stood wondering what had happened. He stumbles while getting up noticing that his tail is missing. He gets attacked by a giant crocodile, a tiger, and a giant eagle. Gohan ends up in a cave where he heals his minor injuries using an old technique he picked up from his dad, Goku. When he awakes the next morning he finds a dinosaur next to him, he runs out of the cave and the dinosaur follows but falls due to an injury. Gohan removes the stake that the dinosaur had punctured his body, thus making a new friend. He goes out to find food for his new friend and when returns his friend is being attacked by another dinosaur. After a struggle, Gohan is knocked unconscious and his friend gets eaten. Meanwhile, Yamcha is out making money using his keen abilities playing baseball. A fight errupts and Yamcha eagerly joins in, Krillin interupts his fun and tells him that Kami wants to train them. Yamcha, Krillin, Puar, and Bulma head out. Goku is still traveling through Snake Way.

Episode #007: Trouble on Arlia

Episode Summary: Gohan just caught breakfast and digs in when a large dinosaur creature approaches him growling! The dinosaur suddenly attacks Gohan, misses and Gohan runs away (playing around with the creature). He stops the creature and slices off another part of the dinosaurs tail for breakfast! Vegeta suggests to Nappa that they stop off at planet Arlia for a bit of practice. They get blasted by a creature upon arrival on Arlia, Nappa wants to kill them there and then but Vegeta tells him to surrender. Goku continues along snake way when he comes up to a street cleaner and is shocked to find out after running for months he is only quarter of the way! The cleaner kindly gives him a ride. Vegeta and Nappa wait anxiously in the prison cell. Back on Arlia after defeating guards, Vegeta simply defeats a warrior with a blast, in a roman gladiator style games. The king of Arlia brings on the toughest guards to blast Vegeta and Nappa with an energy attack but to no avail. Gohan's training is going well as he messes about with a tiger but gets caught in a Piccolo meditation session and gets blown away by a tornado created by Piccolo! Back to Arlia, again, Nappa simply defeats the royal guards when the King orders for 'Yemini' to be released, a tall large creature which is kept in a pit, feared by many. After letting the creature chases them for a while Nappa decides to finish off the creature, and does with a ki blast created with little effort. Vegeta fires some rocks at the cowering king, who is penetrated by one and killed instantly. They order their ships to come to them and have become legends on their short stay on this planet after being congratulated by a prisoner. The prisoner’s joy is short lived though when their planet is destroyed by Vegeta.

Episode #008: Home For Infinite Losers

Episode Summary: We begin with Goku happily being given a ride along snake way, and dreaming of food. The Cleaner takes a sharp turn though and Goku falls off into Home For Infinite Losers (HFIL)! He gets attacked by someone when he goes to grab some fruit off King Yemma's Tree and is knocked out. We are back on Earth with Piccolo meditating hard and Gohan chasing the dinosaur this time! Goku wakes up to find that his attacker was one of the people that run 'The land of no return'(Goz), anyways Goku finds out that what he thought was King Kai's planet is HFIL! Piccolo, not knowing his strength, causes an earthquake and almost kills Gohan in the process, phew what a lucky escape! Goku tries jumping to try and reach above the sky, when Goz tries to hurt Goku, Goku thinks Goz is trying to help and when Goz is unsuccessful, Goku unknowingly mocks him! He challenges Goku to a wrestling match and if Goku wins he gets a special flying machine to get out of HFIL, when Goku uses a move that almost knocks Goz out of the circle, Goz asks Goku how he did it, Goku shows him again and knocks him out of the ring :D. The flying machine is actually a big see-saw! When Goku tries it out, he doesn't quite reach the sky of HFIL so he fires a Kamahameha at the floor sending him right back up to the sky! But he comes to a stop when he finds out that the top of HFIL is solid and bangs his head! Mez (Other co-owner) tells Goku that he'll show Goku the secret passage way if Goku can catch him! Goku agrees not knowing how fast Mez is. A pretty comical scene when Goku is chasing Mez! Goku tricks Mez saying he is gonna steal some fruit from King Yemma's tree but when Mez tries to stop him Goku just jumps on him and wins the game of 'it'! Goku walks up the secret passage and ends up in King Yemma's desk at the beginning of snake way, so all that running has got him nowhere!

Episode #009: Princess Snake's Hospitality

Goku makes up for all the missed time from falling off snake way, Goku jumps over the snake way cleaner's car and he drives of the edge falling into HFIL! We now find ourself at Kami's Lookout with earths elite warriors, Tien, Chaozu, Krillin, Yamcha and Yajirobe waiting anxiously for the special training they are going to recieve. On Goku's journey across snake way he comes across a building which he believes is king kai's place, he then gets sucked into the building and the princess of snake way is brought out to greet Goku. Goku, still thinking he is inside king kai's home thinks that the princess is king kai! They mention that King Yemma was their last visitor that princess snake was keen on - 1000 years ago. Goku says the reason he is there is to recieve his training, and she starts dancing with Goku, Goku thinking king kai (the princess) is tricking him, he attacks her and throws her to the floor. Goku goes to leave and is invited to dinner by the princess, she orders the servants to put sleepy grass in the food, wanting Goku to stay for a little longer. Gohan is still studying hard while training with Piccolo. Piccolo divides himself into 2 and begins fighting him. Both Piccolos' push themselves to the limits in this fight. Goku finishes his meal, with the sleepy grass hardly affecting him, the servants are trying their best to keep him there and talk him into a bath. Piccolo fight gets more intense. Princess Snake uses a machine to turn the sky into night light and tries to talk romantically with Goku, but Goku didn't hear. Piccolo merges back with himself. Goku tries continuing his journey, but the servants convince him once again to stay. They add enough sleepy grass to kill an elephant in his juice and Goku eventually gets tired and falls asleep. She then uses a dream mirror to look at his dreams and he is dreaming of his family. They then see that he is too devoted to his family and want to eat him. Goku's dream turns into a nightmare and suddenly wakes up. Goku tries to leave agan but the princess explains how she decieved his eyes and he is really in her stomach! Goku flies quickly out of her body, avoiding the deadly digestive juices, but when he escapes, she chases him as a snake! Goku tries making a truce with her, saying he won't kill her if she lets him continue his journey, but she just breathes fire at him. He then flies around, in classic cartoon style and makes her whole body knotted together!

Episode #010: Escape from Piccolo

Gohan has just finished making his wind surfer and begins sailing on sand through the desert when a large eagle stalks him. Gohan teases the eagle and then he goes through some rough terrain and falls off the edge of a cliff. Gohan again builds another machine to travel on, this time a catamaran. He launches the ship into the sea and tells his tiger friend that he is just going to visit his mother, Chi-chi. Gohan hits some rough weather at sea. Piccolo is in search for Gohan. Weather gets really bad then the scene cuts and now we see Gohan on the beach, asleep. Two kids, one girl and one boy, are seeing if Gohan has anything valuable and start playing with Gohan's sword, Gohan awakens but then falls back asleep. He wakes up in a house with the two kids he see earlier, Rock and Chico, they say Gohan can stay with them. A van approaches the house, Rock says it’s the Goon squad and then Rock and Chico accompany Gohan to a safe hiding place. Rock and Chico get away from the Goons, but Gohan is left with them, but easily escapes by jumping off the building to where the other kids are. Gohan asks the kids who the goons are and they said they are from the home where children get spanked and mistreated. The goons finds a girl and try to get her in the van but a guy named Pegarol comes along and she hides behind him. The goons try attacking Pegarol but he beats them up easily. Gohan explains to the orphans that he is not really an orphan and is leaving because he wants to get home. Pegarol tells Gohan he knows where Mt. Paouz (where Gohan lives) is and he will take him there tomorrow. Everyone decides they will tag along. When the goons come to visit in the morning the orphans ambush the van and all get inside, but the police come and a big struggle breaks out between the orphans and the police. Most of the orphans get caught. Pegarol decides to let the goons take the kids away but takes Gohan with him and drives off. Pegarol hits Gohan in the face when he starts going hysterical and Pegarol explains that the orphanage will take better care of the kids than Pegarol could himself. Pegarol drives off and Gohan begins his journey home again. But when he gets home he realises that he needs to train to defend earth from the Saiyans. Piccolo comes across Gohan and he asks what Gohan's mission is, and Gohan says "To fight, and defend earth." and Piccolo tells Gohan to come back training and Gohan agrees.

Episode #011: Showdown in the Past

We begin with Gohan and Piccolo resuming their training, now sparring with each other, Piccolo easily dodges Gohan's attacks and Piccolo hits Gohan easy. Piccolo explains that Gohan needs to train hard and constantly because the Saiyans are arriving in 3 months. Goku continues along Snake Way wondering if there is an end to it. Back on Korin's Tower the Z Fighters are training hard, all except Yajirobe that is. They all request Kami to give them the same training Goku had, Kami says he taught Goku nothing! They then turn to Mr. Popo who gives them advice and tells them to follow him. They go into the room of time where you can go to the past, present and future, and he says Goku did most of his training in this room. They close their eyes and Mr. Popo says when they wake up they will be in a time 100 years ago. They find their selves on a derelict place where alot of fighting has gone on. Saiyans are spying on the Z Fighters and one notices that Yamcha, Chaozu, Krillin and Tien's total fighting power is 1510. Chaozu notices a saiyan inside a building and the saiyan begins to attack Chaozu. Chaozu is easily defeated and is tossed to the side. Tien up next, he tries hard but all his attacks are blocked or dodged, he is then put in a headlock. Yamcha prepares an energy ball, fires it at the Saiyans, they release Tien and get hit by the energy ball! The Saiyans though are not hurt, so the Z fighters, except for Chaozu fire ki attacks at the same time at the Saiyans. They think they have defeated the mighty Saiyans, but the Saiyans appear unscathed and pull Krillin underground and start beating on him and he is defeated. The Saiyans surface again and Tien uses his multiform technique and Yamcha begins preparing a Spirit Bomb. Yamcha hits one of the Saiyans with a Spirit Bomb! The saiyan survives the Spirit Bomb and they launch an attack on Yamcha and Tien defeating both of them! Yamcha, Tien, Krillin and Chaozu open their eyes and find themselves back in the room of rime. Popo explains how they did not leave the room during their fight, only their spirit was fighting, their physical selves remained in the room though. Yajirobe asked how it went and the Z Fighters failed to answer, Kami said they did well but tells them that the Saiyans coming to earth are twice as strong as them. Kami asks if anyone wants to leave, do it now, but all Z Fighters agree to stay and train. Gohan and Piccolo are still training hard although Piccolo is still pushing him to the limits.

Episode #012: The End of Snake Way

We begin with the camera showing Goku's saiyan space pod’s computer still working and then Piccolo and Gohan still training hard with Piccolo still pushing him hard. Next Goku is climbing his way gradually along Snake Way. Back on earth with Gohan we see him having a nightmare about Raditz. Gohan wakes up and unknowingly hears Goku's pod which tells him to destroy all life forms. Piccolo sees Gohan and a fight begins between the two. Gohan runs away when he sees he can't win and Piccolo splits into two to stop Gohan escaping. One of the Piccolos notices Gohan's tail, but he says Gohan can't transform without the moon, but then they see the moon in the sky and wonder how it got there. Gohan knocks both Piccolos to the floor and they merge back together. Piccolo traps Gohan with an energy attack but Gohan stares at the moon and transforms into his Oozaru form! Gohan starts wrecking the land and Piccolo tries to destroy the moon again, but when his attack goes straight through the moon without damaging it he realizes it’s a projection. At Kame House it shows Bulma, Oolong, Turtle and Master Roshi celebrating because they found all 7 Dragonballs. Master Roshi notices the moon and says that something isn't wrong because there isn't any moonlight. Oozaru Gohan continues his path of destruction easily stopping Piccolos ki attack. Gohan throws Piccolo and then continues destroying earth. Piccolo finds the projector, which is Goku's pod! Piccolo fires a Special Beam Cannon at the Pod and destroys it! Gohan then returns back to normal and Piccolo removes Gohan's tail. Goku sees the end of Snake Way and speeds up. Goku is shocked to find nothing there! That is until he sees a tiny planet and jumps on there. Goku immediately notices the gravity change as he falls hard to the floor. Goku eventually gets up, begins walking to king kais house, but wants to have a food first. But he can't get up the fruit tree. Goku sees a monkey and assumes he is King Kai, Goku introduces himself and asks the monkey if he can have food before he starts. The monkey drops a fruit from the tree to Goku but he misses it due to the strength of gravity. The monkey throws another one and Goku catches it this time and eats the fruit. He then asks the monkey to teach him and the monkey begins to dance, and Goku follows his movements, thinking he is training. The real King Kai looks out the window and makes a joke: "Instead of monkey see monkey do, it's see monkey do monkey!". Goku then realizes that the monkey wasn't king kai and this man is!

Episode #013: A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles!

Goku asks when king kai occupied the planet and he says around 1000 years. King Kai tells Goku a few corny jokes and Goku don't seem to be laughing. Goku says he is here for his training and King Kai says that he won't train anyone that doesn’t have a sense of humor. Goku starts laughing but King Kai says that Goku can't train unless he makes King Kai laugh. Goku says a couple of jokes and makes king kai laugh. King Kai says that Goku at the end of his training will be the prince of punch lines, Goku says he has come for martial arts training and King kai tells Goku to show him what he has got. Goku says he can't get use to the gravity and King Kai says that's because the gravity is 10 times stronger here! King Kai tells Goku to jump and Goku thinks he has done bad, but King kai sees lots of potential in him. Goku explains that he has to be back on earth before the Saiyans arrive. King Kai uses his antennas and finds out that the Saiyans will arrive in 88 days. King Kai says training for 88 days on this planet is the equivalent to 7'000 years on earth! King Kai tells Goku that this training will not ensure him victory and the Saiyans are even stronger than king kai himself is. King Kai calls Bubbles (the monkey) and tells Goku that his training will be to catch Bubbles, so he can get use to the gravity. The chase is on! Back on earth Piccolo is still pushing Gohan hard, not giving him any rest. Goku takes off his weighted clothing, and begins running after Bubbles instead of walking! But Bubbles easily gets away. Goku says he needs food and king kai cooks him a meal. The chase begins again. King Kai tells Goku to put the weighted clothes back on and explains how the saiyan planet has the same gravity as here and they use weighted clothing aswell. Gohan and Piccolo are sitting around a fire and begin talking and Gohan says how he wants Piccolo to be his friend. Piccolo says he is a warrior not a person, but when Gohan begins sleeping Piccolo says to himself that he has never had feelings for someone until now and he don't like it. Goku is still chasing Bubbles, sprinting now. Goku, unlike him, refuses a meal and continues his chase. Bubbles teases Goku and makes Goku fall a couple of times and run into a tree. Goku has an idea and decides to cut off Bubbles, just when Bubbles thinks he has got away, Goku finds him and begins chasing again. Piccolo is still pushing Gohan hard and Gohan promises not to give up. Goku eventually catches Bubbles and King Kai is surprised at how well Goku coped and thinks to himself that maybe Goku is the one and can do the techniques king kai couldn't master.

14. The Legend of the Saiyans

15. Black Day for the Planet Earth

16. The Battle Begins...Goku Where Are You?

17. The Saibamen Strike

18. Nappa...The Invincible?

19. Tien Goes All Out!

20. Time's Up!!

21. The Return of Goku

22. Goku Strikes Back

23. Goku vs. Vegeta...A Saiyan Duel

24. Vegeta...Saiyan Style!

25. Stop Vegeta Now!!

26. Battle's End

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