General Information: Fusions

Fusion is the basic art of combining two beings for the sole purpose of becoming stronger. There are three known techniques which are performed in order to become one being.

Fusion Dance:


This technique is first introduced by Goku while training Goten and Trunks. This technique is a dance that has to be performed symmetrically. Both beings have to be of equal physical stature and equal power level. If performed correctly the fusion makes a powerful being who is super strong as well as faster. The two beings are combined temporarily, 30 minutes to be exact. If not performed correctly the side effects can be drastic, usually loss of speed and strength.

Namek Fusion:


This technique is first introduced when Piccolo fuses with Nail(after being beaten brutally by Frieza). This technique is performed by placing your hand on the other being's chest and absorb them, unlike the Fusion Dance this fusion is permanent. When fusing the being who performs this fusion technique keeps their body, the other will just be absorbed into the other being. The being performing the fusion gains the other's knowledge and power, no physical changes occurr.

Potara Fusion:


This technique is performed through earrings, not just any earrings but a Kai's earrings. Each being places an earring on the opposite ear of the other being he/she is fusing with. They then look at their fusing partner and each other's body float toward each other and become one being. This fusion is suppossed to be permanent, but Goku and Vegeta are separated after Majin Buu absorbs them as their fusion being, Vegito.

- Correctly Performed Fusions:

  • Gogeta
  • Gotenks
  • Vegito
  • Kibito Kai
  • Piccolo

- Incorrectly Performed Fusions:

  • Fat Gogeta
  • Fat Gotenks
  • Skinny Gotenks

All of the following are either in the manga or the daizenshus none of these are made up...

Denderotto and Mr. Kakarottan:

Fusions Fusions

Near the end of the Buu saga, Goku is left on Earth holding the Potara earrings, and having only a few people to fuse with. He considers Dende, Mr. Satan, and even his own son, Gohan (Not shown). Contemplating each fusion and their strengths/weaknesses, he is saved from making a stupid decision when Vegeta returns from heaven.



Truely opposites, Piccolo and Krillin display the fusion dance for Goten and Trunks during the Buu saga... and Toriyama takes it a step further in this small comic.

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