Webmasters: How to get more hits

These are the top tips I can give.

1) List your site on Search Engines- Most people do this since it is the most productive. Our site is listed in over 200,000 search engines and directories. You can submit your link manually to each one or have a site submission service do it for your for a small price.

2) List your site on all possible FFA Links- This is almost like a link directory but you don't need to meet qualifications for this.

3) Join topsites(don't overdue this one)- Topsites are a good way to keep a tracker on your site as well as advertising. Specially on voting topsites(which i dislike), each person who votes sees the member sites.

4) Update frequently

5) Make good first impressions- This is one of the most important factors to a site. You might have great content that will only attract a small number of visitors. Your layout/enter splash should be eye apealing and not rejecting.

6) Keep your content original- Anyone can just go to a site copy and paste info onto theirs. But why? Are you that lazy? If you are why bother having a site? Who needs copies? You'll definately be hated by many sites which is a thing you need to avoid.

7) Unique Ideas- Think of something other sites don't offer and post it on your site. For example, our site is the first to have an online animated RPG Game that's not text based sparing. DragonballVillage.com will soon launch their version[copycats ;) j/k]

8) Having good link partners- This is not one of the best ways to get your site visitors but it doesn't hurt to try.

9) Advertising on banner exchange sites- This is also a good way to attract some visitors but you need to know which banner programs to join. If your is the only anime site on a business type program i'll doubt you'll get noticed much.

10) Avoid pop-ups or forced voting- This has sadly become popular over power hungry webmasters who all they care about is hits/votes. Pop-ups by your host shouldn't be harmful much but they're annoying. Forced voting is easy to get around with so the site forcing you to vote won't get the vote :) But it's not the point. You shouldn't force your visitors to vote it's wrong!

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