Humor: I Met a DBZ Character!

Tara 11/07/02

"I was on the usual route to work one day and got stuck in a traffic jam. Aparently a small child was insisting to help a turtle across the road. I knew excactly who it was. 'Goten' I mumbled. Then the rest of the gang came into view crossing the street. A punk Drove up towards Vegeta trying to get him to move, trying to scare or temp him. I think that punk learned his lesson, or at least he would have if he was still living. Anyway, the other Z fighters had to drag vegeta across the road and pin him down to get him not to blow up every other car on the street. Unfortunatly, Goten was still helping the turtle and the traffic didn't end untill the turtle's entire family had crossed the road."

Angus Kajelliwell 10/23/02

"A few days ago, I was in a shabby-looking 7-11, and as I was heading toward the fountain drink dispenser, Vegeta himself walked out of the aisle left of me and I accidentally bumped into him! I felt so fortunate to actually meet him, but before I could even say a word, he elbowed me in the nose and said, 'What in Shenron's name are you doing, ya friggin' clown?!' Even though spots were beginning to appear in front of my eyes, I managed to catch one more lucky glimpse of Mr. Vegeta before he kneed me in the groin. When I came to, my shirt and most of my money was gone, but he left me enough money for a fountain drink!! Thanks, Vegeta! You're the man!!"

Turd Furgison 10/20/02

"I was running with scissors, and Piccolo saw me and yelled 'stop running with those scissors, you stupid young ruffian!.' I later heard him muttering something about 'kids having no respect for the fire department these days.'"

Otho The Gamer 10/17/02

"I was at this gas station once and guess what? I saw Vegeta. When I went up to talk to him inside the mini-mart, I asked him what he was doing at a gas station. He responded, 'Buying gas and some dental floss, what else would I be doing at a gas station you ugly shit pile?!' So, I learned that Vegeta drives a Yugo and he has a penchant for waxed dental floss. He's the greatest."

Precious Dan 10/12/02

"I was working at the hardware store in the cinder block & extension cord section when Vegeta came in complaining about how he had to repair his rejuvination tank cause 'Kakarot's kid punched a hole through it.' or something. I asked him if he needed any cinder blocks or extension cord for the job and he just gave me this strange look and walked away cursing. Then, an hour later, he came back and knocked me unconcious with a heavy, blunt object during my lunch break. When I came to my supervisor said that 2 cinderblocks, 16 extension cords, and 1 heavy, blunt object had been stolen. Strangely, the money in the cash register was still there. I haven't seen Vegeta since (except for when he came back the next day for the money in the cash register)."

Jed 9/27/02

"I was relaxing in the Arizona desert when I saw a nuclear explosion, but that comes in later. Anyways, right after that I saw the most awe-inspiring and errily beautiful sight ever... Vegeta beat the crap out of some kid for cutting him off in traffic a couple of hours ago. The thing that got him pissed off the most, was the fact that this punk stole a car that VEGETA was going to steal. No honor in theives, I tell ya. Well, anyways just then a big-ass green guy with a cape and turbin shows up. Since he was green, I was thinkin' he might be Vegeta's super-Irish parole officer, but then I saw it grunting and snrling at Vegeta. Needless to say, Vegeta got PISSED! He whipped-out his holy grail out of the glove compartment, the very first bottle of Jack Daniels made EVER! After chugging a little of that, he grew about 30 feet tall, and sweating the best alcoholic substance I ever tasted. Then he punched a hole through that green Indian guy, and tossed that punk from before all the way to the ocean. I'm not sure which one it was though. When Cliff started giving ME that murderous look, I tossed him a Jack Daniels, and I never saw him again."

Yum Yum the Chinaman 9/3/02

"Well one day I was walking out of my house to go to Subway. As I was walking along I saw Imperfect Cell drive by me and flip me off. I got to Subway and sure enough Cell was there. The cashier said 'here's your change.' Cell's face turned red with rage and slapped the change out of her hand yelling 'I don't want any of your god damn change you lousy broad!' I stared at him for awhile he walked up to me, punched me in the stomach and left without a word."

The Man 8/26/02

"I once saw Vegeta stealing my car. I asked him what he was doing and he said, 'I'm stealing your car you idiot!', and then he drove off in my car. That's the last I saw of Vegeta. Oh, and my car."

Blueberry Bob 7/23/02

"I once saw Frieza exit a public restroom at a gas station. I said, 'Hey Frieza, how's it going?' He replied, 'How do you think it's going, I just shat a brick.' He then got in my car and drove off. That moment will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Tony Torelli 6/2/02

"I saw some little kid named Trunks in the park the other day. He was feeding some ducks and I walked over to him and said, 'Hey Trunks, how's it goin'?' He said, 'Shut up! You'll scare the ducks!' So I apologized and then he threw some duck food at me and ran off screaming, 'Goddamn little bastards don't know what they're doin'!' Then all the ducks dropped dead and that's the last I saw of Trunks."

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