Humor: Jokes

Dragon Balls?!?!

*~ Goku, Krillin, Gohan & Piccolo gather around..

Goku: "I want you guys to help me look for the Dragon Balls. We will meet back here in 3 hours."

*~ A few hours later...

Goku: "How many Dragon Balls did you find Gohan?"

Gohan: "Just 3 dad."

Goku: "How many Dragon Balls did you find Piccolo?"

Piccolo: "Only 2!"

Goku: "How about you Krillin, how many Dragon Balls did you find?"

*~ Krillin all beat up and tired responds...

Krillin: "Dragon Balls?!?! I thought you said to bring back the Dragon's Balls..."

Gohan Transformation

*~ One dark night, Gohan glances around and sees something. He then transforms into the were-monkey and starts destroying things

Piccolo: "What?! This can't be! I, I destroyed the... There can't be a full moon!"

*~ Goku looks at Yajirobe

Goku: "What'cha got there?"

*~ Yajirobe is seen bending over picking up a penny

Shenron's Sadness

Vegeta and Goku are fighting and all of a sudden Goku stops and says,"Have you noticed that everytime we sumon Shenron he is always sad". Vegeta replies,"Yeah, now that you metion it he does". They then continue to fight. After a while Vegeta stops and says,"I know why he is always sad. If you had people losing and handling your seven balls you would be pretty miserable too".

The Decision

*~ Yamcha is in the gateway where it is being decided if he will go to hell or heaven, but he did alot of good and bad things in his life so it makes the decision harder.

King Yemma tells Yamcha to tell him one really good deed and he will let Yamcha go to heaven.

Yamcha: "I was driving on the highway when I saw Bulma being harrased by Vegeta. So I stoped the car and went up to Vegeta and punched him in his face, and said leave Bulma alone!"

King Yemma asks, "When did this happen?"

Yamcha: "About 5 minutes ago."

Quick Puns

What did the Dragon say to the Z warriors?

Stop touching my balls!!

Why did Goku say Hercule was strong?

Because he hadn't taken a shower in weeks!

What do travellers, cars, elephants, trees, and DBZ all have in common?


What came first, the namek or the egg?

How is Dabura a pot smoker?

Because when he spits on people they get stoned.

"Bibiddy Bobitty Buu" get it?!

Why are Super Saiyans dumb?

Because they're blonde.

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