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The Guide to Locations in Dragon Ball Z

Farmer's Land:

This is a farm land that belongs to the first victim of Raditz in Dragon Ball Z, it's also the crash site of where Raditz first landed in his space pod. The man was a busy worker, taking care of his flock of birds, picking up hay with a pitchfork, whatever it may be he was on top of things. Unfortunately, he crossed Raditz' path and was shot by his own bullet.


Goku's Home:

This house belongs to Goku and his wife Chi-Chi, it has been extended for family needs. Beside the house is still the sanctuary that Goku had when he was a child in order to remember his adoptive father, Grandpa Gohan. Gohan spends most of his time playing around and studying, Chi-Chi doing what most mothers do, and Goku out catching the next meal. Living a pretty peaceful life out in the woods.


Goku's Landing:

During the encounter with Raditz, Master Roshi explained to Goku about how he landed on Earth. In the flashback you see where Goku's space pod landed, Grandpa Gohan was walking by when he noticed the pod and attempted to rescue him but Goku was a stubborn kid and put up a good fight.

Plain Lands:

This place is all too familiar in the series, Piccolo likes to train in this type of environment. This is an extensive level, usually treeless area of land, perfect fighting scenario.


King Yemma's Castle:

This castle is also the gate way where every spirit goes after dieing, King Yemma decides if you've been good or bad and where you will be sent either Hell or Heaven. Inside King Yemma's Castle is a path that leads to the Heaven's airport. This airport takes the newly arrived spirits to Heaven and is used to take King Kai and Goku to the Other World Tournament. The other path is the road that leads to Snake Way.


Snake Way:

Snake Way got it's name because the path is basically a snake, the entrance is a big snake stone head and the path is it's slithering concrete body. It is the only way to get to King Kai's Planet, the distance of it is not known but an ogre said it was a bit more than 10,000 miles long. An ogre is in charge of cleaning this path with a machine similar to a street sweeper. King Yemma was the only person to ever cross Snake Way, until Goku came along. If you fall off this path (like Goku did), you'll end up in Hell with no way of returning (or so they say).

Baseball Stadium:

This baseball stadium is where Yamcha was playing pro-baseball. He decided to take this job because martial arts doesn't put food in the table sort of speak. He basically extorted the coach for money in return for hitting home runs. While in a game a fight broke out and Yamcha eagerly joined in, Krillin told him that Kami wants to train him and he left happily with him, seeing as baseball is boring for him. The stadium isn't seen after this point.

Capsule Corp H.Q.:

This is the main headquarters of the Capsule Corporation. All of the high-tech gadgets in the DBZ World are designed and built here. This is also the home of Bulma and her family (Vegeta, Trunks, Bra, Dr. Briefs and Mrs. Briefs). One of the floors of this building is a section devoted for wildlife that Dr. Briefs attends to.

World Martial Arts Tournament Arena:

This is where the world's best fighters come to compete to be crowned the world's best martial artist. This is also the place some of the minor fights are held involving one of the Z Fighters. It has been destroyed a couple times by Goku but has been restored for each new tournament. The final episode of Dragon Ball Z ends in this arena with Goku and Uub's intro fight.

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