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Once We Were Angels

Angel --- Angel --- Angel

Angel --- Angel --- Angel

A memory buried somewhere in the past

I remember now, we were angels

Scattering seeds of love fall from the sky

Erasing pain and difficulty on this planet

Hey, great blue sky

Will you still give me courage if I look up at you?

To my friends

(Chorus: To My Friends)

Even though I've lost the wings that sprouted from my back

I still have a marvelous power

(Chorus: Wonderful Power)

To my friends

(Chorus: To My Friends)

Let's hang on the light and keep our dreams

See, there's a rainbow reflected in your eyes

Angel --- Angel --- Angel



Breaking through the shining clouds, I fly away! (Fly away!)

Filling up my body with a spreading panorama.

The Earth gets hit in the face and grows enraged! (Grows enraged!)

Making volcanoes start to blow their tops!

If, deep inside the melting ice I find a dinosaur then I'll want to train him to balance on a ball!

Cha-La! Head-Cha-La!

Come what may, I feel that I can handle anything!

Cha-La! Head-Cha-La!

My heart's pounding so hard like a screaming Genki Dama!

Cha-La! Head-Cha-La!

I'd rather have my head be empty so I could fill it up with dreams!

Cha-La! Head-Cha-La!

With the smile of the Ultra Z today I'm gonna



Dan Dan

DAN DAN Kokoro Hikareteku

Little by little I'm falling for you

That shiny smile of yours

Why don't you jump out of the endless darkness

Hold my hand

When I first met you I remembered that special place I always adored

Will you dance with me?

Up and down that damed winding road

Are you still crazy about that guy?

From time to time there's a moment when I want to look back a little bit

But I will fight for you with love, courage, and pride in my heart

Little by little I am falling for you

These tiny pieces of the planet with hope

Where people long for eternal hope.

Even though I pretend not to notice you

Don't you see? I'm in love with you.

Let me jump out of the endless darkness

Hold your hand.

We Gotta Power

An incredibly strong enemy is coming at me

I don't have time to cry about it

It just makes us a hundred times more excited

I'll become the leader of the party

Anything that can make you single-minded

Will eventually

Make you into an incredible person


The sky is clear


I'm so happy

Trouble and playing around

Silly Boys!

We gotta power!

Dragon Ball... Z!!


My head is clear


Ha ha! I'm carefree!

Enjoy the end of an era

Charming Girls!

We Gotta Power!

Dragon Ball... Z!!

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