Webmasters: Starting a Website

First you need to sign up for a website provider.
Here is a list of some free ones:

After you have signed up for your provider, then it is time to learn some basic HTML, and most providers will have tutorials, but if they don't there are sites that can help. Webmonkey is very good for learning the basics and even more. If you really just want the basics or need further help, HTMLHelp.com provides such help.

Now you need something to create images, buttons, banners, and any other graphics. These are all very good programs, and all come in evaluation versions. I recommend buying Adobe Photo Shop because it's a very good high quality image editor. Ulead Photo Impact is also very good, because it can generate 3D, transparent, and collaged images. Click on the links to visit their websites and download the programs:

Now you have signed up, and learned HTML, it's time to create a layout. A layout is how your site content is presented. There are many ways. I made two tables of contents and a central area for the info, media, etc. because it's easy for the visitor to surf. It is always important that you use tables, which will divide your site into squares & rectangles. You can use site builders like Trelix Web, Front Page Editor, and Netscape Composer (very good) to start off on your first layout. Creating a name for your site is one of the most important things to making a site. You will need to put some thought into this portion of making a site. The only thing I can say is make your site's name as unique as possible, something that attracts people to come to your site. Think you know it all now? Well there's more. To make your site even better, you would want to use JavaScript, DHTML or any other kinds of scripts to enhance your site. There are many codes available at:

These scripts can make your visitor have a pleasant stay on your site.

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