Webmasters: Why do you lose hits?

These are the top reasons why people leave a site! They are not in any order.

1) Pop-up Windows- They are hell for people on slow connections and just plain annoying for those on fast connections. Get rid of them!

2) Background Music- The non stop looping music, gets on people's nerves. If you're going to keep this at least put a music off link.

3) Lack of Updates- People want to see new things. Once they're done with your site they'll just leave elswhere. Try and keep them hooked with constant updates.

4) Large load times- File images the dont load quick can be very annoying, people will be waiting there for minutes to see some cheap time consuming animations. I've seen this far too often.

5) No effort shown on site content- Which leads to poorly written or incorrect information. Not a good thing to have on your site.

6) BAD Layout- At least try to put some effort into this. Please don't pick colors that will hurt peoples eye's. For example Hot Pink Background with Light Green text.

7) Forcing people to vote for you- Many people leave a site basically for this, and then webmasters complain that they're loosing hits.. i wonder why? heh

8) Your site is full of ads- Which connects to long load times, most ads take a while to load. Not only that but they're made to lure the visitor away from a site and into theirs. Too many will be tempting to your visitors.

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