General Information: Universe

Well all know that most of Dragon Ball Z deals with weird beings from other planets. Many seeking to destroy the Saiyans and take over the Earth. Akira Toriyama planned where many of the great enemy warriors would come from to seek dominance over the Universe.


1. Outer Space:

This is what we know as 'Space', no not the kind between you and the person in front of you in line, i'm talking about space as in outer space. This space is made up of four sub regions; North Galaxy, East Galaxy, South Galaxy, and West Galaxy. Each of the galaxies are watched over by many Kaios and sub Kaios. Dragon Ball takes place in the East portion of the universe, which contains four major galaxies. While Majin Buu destroyed the North, South, and West clusters of galaxies, killing their respective Kaioshins and Kaios (He absorbs the Dai Kaioshin), there is way too little information on those systems.

2. Hell(Home For Infinite Losers):

Hell, or Home For Infinite Losers as FUNimation likes to call it, is where all evil beings go to after death. The only way to be here is if you're sent by King Yemma for doing evil things while alive(or in Goku's case fall off Snake Way). There's only one way off this place and it's through a small tunnel which leads to King Yemma's desk drawer.

3. Snake Way:

This path is shapped like a snake hence the name Snake Way. It is the only way to get to North Kai's Planet, it is about 1,000,000 km away from King Yemma's Castle. An ogre is in charge of cleaning this path with a machine similar to a street sweeper. King Yemma was the only person to ever cross Snake Way, until Goku came along. If you fall off this path(like Goku did), you'll end up in Hell with no way of returning.

4. The Four Kai Planets:

There are four of those small green planets, each belongs to one of the four Kais; North Kai, East Kai, South Kai, and West Kai. Each of these planets has a large amount of gravity which is perfect for Goku when training under North Kai. He is told to do many training sessions such as catching Bubbles, and wacking Gregory with a mallot.

5. King Yemma's Castle:

This is where every spirit goes after dieing, King Yemma decides if you've been good or bad and where you will be sent to either Hell or Heaven. Inside King Yemma's Castle is a path that leads to the Heaven's airport. This airport takes the newly arrived spirits to Heaven and is used to take King Kai and Goku to the Other World Tournament.

6. Heaven:

This is where every good spirit is sent after dieing. Most people are sent here when Majin Buu kills all of the population on Earth. This planet is very similar to Earth in the fact that it has plenty of vegetation. Many flowers and trees decorate the grassy fields where spirits play and dance.

7. Sun of the Other World:

What kind of Universe is it without a nice bright sun? Well not much to say about this large glowing star, it does the usual, shines producing day light and is hidden producing night time.

8. Grand Kai's Planet:

This is the home planet of Grand Kai(the punk rocker Kai) and is also where the Other World Tournament is being held. Goku trains here while he is preparing for the tournament as well as after the tournament. Many great fighters come to train here in hopes of winning a free lesson from the great Grand Kai(yeah right!).

9. Kaioshin Planet:

This is the home planet of the Kaioshins. This planet is where Gohan receives his power boost from the Elder Kai. The planet's sky is pink, it has many moons and suns revolving around it. A great deal of this planet is destroyed when Goku and Majin Buu are fighting.

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