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Like many great stories, Dragonball starts out faultless. But, as the story progresses, the writers often forget about the small yet significant points they stated earlier. Some attempted "cover-ups" of earlier errors can also lead to more errors.

When Cell exploded, he regenerated from a single surviving brain cell.

In the Buu Series, Gohan trained to become Mystic Gohan, a stage where he was able to become stronger than reaching Super Saiyan form. Therefore, he does not reach SSJ mode when he fights Buu.

When Oozaru Bebi-Vegeta detransformed, Bebi said that he must escape because his body had grown; Vegeta's body was squashing him.

Piccolo sacrificed himself after the defeat of Bebi when the Earth exploded. He said that it was a final attempt to destroy the Black Star Dragonballs. (Kami created them Since that Kami and Piccolo began one, if Piccolo died the dragonballs will turn to stone.)

According to the Official DragonBall Page, Planet Vegeta is 363115496481 light years away from Earth.

Dragon Ball Z Character Ages

Master Roshi was 307 years old when Goku was born.

Master Roshi began to go perverted at 123 years old, when he began buying porno magazines.

Granpa Gohan was 79 years old when he found Goku in the forest.

Krillin is 1 year older than Goku.

Yamcha and Tenshin-han are 4 years older than Goku.

Bulma was 16 years old when she met Goku.

Goku told Bulma that he was 14 years old when they met. In the first Tournament, he confessed that he was really 12 years old and that he didn't know how to count before.

Trunks was 6 years old at the beginning of the Boo Series.

Goten is 1 year younger than Trunks.

Pan was 5 years old when Dragonball Z ended. At the beginning of Dragonball GT, she was 14.

Bra was 4 years old when Dragonball Z ended.

The first Tenkaichi Budoukai was held 87 years before Goku was born.

Gohan was 4 when he was first introduced (not 5 and a half like what the American dubbed version of Dragonball Z said). He trained under Piccolo for one year, then went to Planet Namek for another year. By the time Future Trunks arrived, Gohan was 7. In the Cell Series, Gohan trained for three years in preparation of the androids. At 10, he trained for another year in the Room of Spirit and Time in Sky Palace. At 11, Gohan killed Cell. At 16, Gohan entered Orange Star High School.

Dende was 5 years old when he first appeared.

Kami was over 900 years old when he fused with Piccolo.

The Boo Series takes place 7 years after the Cell Series.


When Future Trunks first appears, Vegeta doubts that he is a Saiyan because he has purple hair. He said that most Saiyans have black hair.

In an episode, Vegeta says that a pure breed Saiyan is born with a hair style and remains with that hair style for the rest of his life. He says that it cannot be changed.

Goku and Vegeta are full-bred Saiyans and are born with tails. Gohan is a half-bred Saiyan, but was also born with a tail.

Nameks are classified into two groups: healers and warriors. Healers can heal anyone, but can't fight. Warriors can fight, but can't heal. (Dende is a healer and Piccolo is a warrior.)

Moments in Fusion

The guardian of the Earth split into 2 forms: Kami (pure good) and Daimoa (pure evil).

Daimoa had a son, Piccolo, who fused permanently back with Kami. This was what he meant when you fused- that he was neither Kami nor Piccolo, "just a Namek who had long forgotten his name".

Daimoa and Kami were originally one. If one died, both died. Daimoa had given birth to Piccolo at the time he was about to die, so in essence, Piccolo was Daimoa. This is why Kami didn't die when Daimoa got killed. Piccolo made up for the link.

Piccolo permanently fused with Nail.

The fusion technique used by Goten and Trunks to form Gotenks is temporary and can only last for 1/2 hour.

The fusion technique used by Goku and Vegeta to form Vegetto is permanent, but the effects were cancelled out when he was eaten by Boo.

Fat Boo separated into two Boos. The evil Boo was killed and reincarnated into Ubuu. When good Boo was killed by Bebi-Vegeta, his particles fused with Ubuu.

When Goten fused with Trunks to form Gotenks, Gotenks ended up wearing the fusion suit, as did Ubuu when he fused with Boo.


Granpa Gohan found Baby Goku on Mount Paozu.

Goku lived on this mountain until he met Bulma. Afterwards, he moved from place to place.

Goku moved back to Mount Paozu after he married Chi-Chi.

At first, Chi-Chi wanted to name Gohan "Einstein".

Goku moved to Satan City later for Gohan's education.

Goku and Chi-Chi never went to work. The characters were supported by money won from the Tenkaichi Budoukai tournaments (ten million zennins for the winner of the first championship).

Vegeta grew up a nomad destroying life from planet to planet.

Bulma's father, Dr. Briefs, was the head of Capsule Corporation. This explains why Bulma is so rich and why she has and knows such advanced technology.

Trunks became the president of Capsule Corporation when he grew up.

Nameks live on nothing but water. They do not need to eat.

Nameks reproduce asexually. This is shown when Daimao spits Piccolo out of his mouth.

The androids were not robots, but cyborgs (part-human, part-robot). This is why Android 18 was able to give birth to a daughter, Marron.

Dragon Ball Movies

Most of the DragonBall movies are add-ons, but their storylines don't pertain to the storyline of the series.

Movie 1 never occurred because Gohan was abducted by Raditz as soon as he met the Z crew. Movie 1 took place where Gohan was abducted by Garlic Jr. when he already knew Piccolo and Krillin. If Movie 1 is false, then Garlic Jr. doesn't exist. However, he made an appearance in the Frieza Series.

Movie 2 couldn't have taken place because Goku used the Kaioken technique. Goku fought Nappa and Vegeta as soon as he learned the technique. After the battle, he was severely injured so he couldn't have fought Dr. Wheel.

Movie 3 should take place after the fight against Vegeta because Gohan had the mushroom haircut, but before the defeat of Frieza because Goku Trunks wasn't present. If this is so, Tenshin-han, Piccolo, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu should be dead. They fought in Movie 3.

Movie 4 is false for the same reasons as Movie 3; Piccolo should have been dead. He appeared in Movie 4.

Gohan has a purple baby dragon pet in Movies 3, 4, and 5. The dragon just disappears and is never seen or talked about again.

Movie 5 could have been real, but Vegeta and Trunks were missing. Kooler boasted that he was here to kill all remaining Saiyans, but fails to consider Vegeta and Trunks in his quest.

Movie 6 could have also been real, but Trunks was no where to be found.

In Movie 7, Trunks' sword shattered when he used it to attack the fused Androids 13, 14, and 15. In the series, Trunks always had his sword.

In Movie 8, our heroes should have been preoccupied dealing with Cell.

Trunks was present in Movie 9. However, Trunks returned to the future as soon as Cell was killed. Therefore, Movie 9 could only be real if it took place between the time Cell died and the brief interval before he returned to his time.

Movies 10 and 11 are false if Movie 8 is. If Broli never existed, that automatically makes Broli's sequel movies fake.

Movie 12 is false of numerous reasons. Boo was causing destruction throughout the Earth when the movie took place, but no signs of Boo were seen.

Movie 13 was created to try to explain where Future Trunks acquired his sword. It shows that Tapion gave it to him as a gift.

In Dragonball Movie 4 (the remake of the first Dragonball episode), Goku starts out wearing a blue suit.

Dragon Ball Origins

Dragonball was derived from the Chinese story Journey to the West.

Goku was derived from the Monkey King himself.

Goku's bow was also the weapon that the Monkey King used.

Goku's flying nimbus was also a source of transportation for the Monkey King.

Oolong was derived from the pig disciple.

Yamcha was derived from the former bandit disciple.

Krillin was derived from the holy Tang monk.

Tienshinhan was derived from the 3-eyed god. Ox-King was derived from the Ox King/Demon.

The Ox-King's fire mountain was the same home the Ox King from Journey to the West lived on.

The fan that Master Roshi claimed to have spilled juice on was also deprived from this Chinese legend.

King Yamma's special fruit was a fruit of the heavens in the Chinese story.

The Namek race was based on snails and slugs. This explains why Nameks can regenerate lost limbs.


Dragonball Z tells of a Super Saiyan, who appears every 1000 years. Goku is shown to be this Saiyan, so he is supposed to be the only one able to reach Super Sayian level.

To try to clarify this error, Movie 8 introduces Broli, the Legendary Saiyan who apears every 1000 years.

To try to cover up this error, another term is introduced- the legendary Saiyan who appears every 1000 years- and that is Goku when he reaches Super Gokou 4 mode.

When Goku powered up to Super level 4, massive body changes occurred. He got taller and bulkier. His hair turned longer. Red lines appeared along his eyes. In addition, a red fur coat grew on Goku's chest.

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